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          Qingdao Kedi Bo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
          Qingdao Kedi Bo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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          • CEMS Main Accessories

          • CEMS Dust Continuous

          • Atmospheric monitoring

          • Pollution monitoring

          ○ CULTURE


                  “Teachers, dedicated, innovative, efficient”、“Strict requirements, vigorous popular”,Diligence discreet, not to show off Kedi Bo people deduce seeking unity within and outside the development of a good atmosphere.
                  Qingdao Kedi Bo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.Is a business, it is a cause!Kedi Bo lofty pragmatic choice to make unremitting pursuit of the objectives of the Expert governance structure and learning organization, rational and realistic corporate culture will kedibo push higher, farther.

          Sprint:In the first to post brave, courage in the industry first, the courage in the world competed.
          Efficient:High efficiency to complete their work, the efficient implementation of superiors, with high efficiency Brothers department, efficient service under the grassroots.
          Unity:Leadership team unity, unity between cadres and workers solidarity, unity and down.
          rigorous:Rigorous thinking, rigorous work, strict management, life rigorous, meticulous better attitude towards work and life
          Cherishing:Respect for science, respect for talent, learn, mistakes and that is change.
          Disciplined:Comply with the law and regulations, comply with factory regulations Changji, adhere to
          professional ethics.

          company culture:Rigorous efficiency, innovation, and create a perfect, social services
          Corporate purposes:People-oriented service to the community
          Science and Technology Mission:Follow the market, absorbing, innovation, scientific management
          development strategy:Domestic first-class, internationally renowned
          development strategy:People-oriented, natural selection, innovation and hard work, the pursuit of excellence
          style of working:Innovation and efficiency, scientific management, strict requirements, vigorous and resolute
          Personnel policy:Talent and technology is the core of wealth
          Production standards:Quality, safe and efficient
          Management philosophy:Apply effective, transparent quantization
          Quality Concept:High standards, zero defect + 100% service, quality, reputation is gold, people-oriented,technological innovation, scientific management, sustainable development,Pursuit of customer satisfaction
          Marketing concept:Expand market innovation, integrity to win customers
          Service philosophy:Customer satisfaction, social services, day 3 · 15
          Corporate values:Science and technology to create value and achieve development symbiosis
          Business philosophy:First-class products and services to support partners to become the industry leader in information technology
          Our Mission:With excellent products and services to promote the development of China's environmental protection industry
          Online service in the world instrumentation industry!


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